This feature allows users collecting similar data in multiple contexts, regions or countries to combine these datasets into one. By merging these datasets, it will inherit some features of a form, meaning you can view the data in the Table view and create graphs in the Chart view. Before merging data sets, be sure you understand the structure of the data sets since form merging is dependent on the forms having the same field names. The data from these field names will be displayed in the merged dataset. This guide will show you how to create merged datasets.

How to create a merged dataset

To merge datasets, click on Create merged dataset on the project page as shown in the screenshot below. Only users with Admin permission level to a project can create a merged dataset

In the create merged dataset modal, a list of forms (except filtered datasets) from different projects that you have permission/access to is displayed. Select at least two forms that you want to merge by marking the check boxes to the left of the forms. You can search for the datasets by typing the form titles in the search box.

Once you have selected the forms that you want to merge, click the Next button on the bottom right.
The next page displays the similar field names as highlighted in the image below that the selected forms share. The fields not checked are not shared in the forms selected for merging and will not be included in the merged dataset.

You can view the project name and the form name of the selected forms by clicking on View selected datasets as shown below.

When the selected forms do not have any similar fields the Next button will be grayed out as shown below since they cannot be merged. Click on the Back button to select another set of forms, or click on Cancel and Exit at the top right to close the page.

To confirm and Save the merged dataset you created, enter the Name of merged dataset in the text box.

You can opt to save the merged dataset in the project where it has been created or select another project that you have permissions to from the drop-down menu if you need to save the merged dataset in a different project.

Click on the Save button at the bottom right of the page to save the merged dataset.

After saving the dataset, it will inherit features of a form, and the Overview page for the merged dataset will be displayed.