The public portal works with 6 csv sources that are related like a Relational Database

  • Facilities
  • Category_groups
  • Categories
  • Facilitiy_categories
  • Locations
  • Facility_types

This is the ER diagram that describes the relations between the files

Table relations in action


The portal is fully flexible to add boolean variables (for each facility it can show the presence of a certain category)

Adding a category requires four steps:

  1. Add it into a category_group.csv (the categories are organized by groups)
  2. Add it into the categories.csv
  3. Add it to the mapping.csv, if you are in the ONA tab, or to the facility_categories.csv if you are in the RAW tab
  4. Add it to data.csv, for ONA tab.

Mapping file

This assistant will take the ONA file and a mapping file provided by the user and will generate the Facilities and Facility_categories file.

The user needs to create a file called mapping.csv that will explain the assistant where to find the information for each category in the ONA file.

This is an example of the mapping file

  • Category column show the category id 
  • Data_column the exact name of the column in the ONA file.
  • True values & False values evaluate the content of each column and return a result based on the values in each cell. 
    • (e.g biosafety_cabinet_class_2 will only be true when the column class_of_biosafety_cabinet_in_use is equal to 'Class_II'

Mandatory fields for ONA tab

When the data is imported using the ONA tab these are the required fields

  • id
  • Facility name
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • City/District
  • Affiliation
  • Address
  • Contact name
  • Contact email address
  • Contact phone
  • End time
  • Opening time Monday
  • Closing time Monday
  • Opening time Friday
  • Closing time Friday
  • Opening time Saturday
  • Closing time Saturday
  • Opening time Sunday
  • Closing time Sunday
  • days

Keep in mind that all the fields must have the exact name listed here.


Once all the files are ready the user will need to reindex the whole map by clicking on Import button.

This video shows the step by step process to work with public portal categories

Creating a new portal instance

For the time being the new portal instances will be created by InSTEDD. Every country that request an instance needs to:

  • Have their data in ONA already reviewed and curated
  • Send a logo and title for the portal. (title must be something like: Ethiopian Ministry of Health)
  • Select a domain or subdomain that they can register and manage, otherwise the subdomain will be created as: <country-name>

This video