To start exploring Planwise features in use we will use the Meningitis screening as an example.

We will use data collected in the field for the providers list.

Providers list

Download Niger lab information from ONA 

Adapt the data to this simple header



Type field is only descriptive, we can use lab for all the rows

Please check that lat and lon fields are in decimal format

Capacity field in this case was field with fake data, it can be estimated from the ONA file or any other source

Tags can be used to filter data inside the project

(the csv file is also attached to this article maradi.screening.csv)

Go to the Providers section and create a new providers list with this file

In Coverage algorithm choose Walking distance (we're assuming that the people that will go to a lab to have a meningitis rapid test will go by walk)

Project setup

The goal of the project would be: Increase screening capacity in Maradi (Niger) or similar (this field is descriptive but it is important to fill it with a certain description of the objective of the project, avoid names as test1, screening in maradi, etc.

Select Maradi region

Select the Niger population source (Niger 2015 adjv4) 

Describe the unit of demand in this case suspected meningitis cases

Define the % of the total population that matches with the unit described above, in this case we can use something between 0.5 and 1%

Select the providers list created before

Define the Capacity Workload (in this case we will use 1 because the capacity on the providers list need to be interpreted as total of test by n period of time)

We will leave tags in blank

Define the coverage in walking time, we can start by using 2 hours and then change this value to see how the coverage chances if we use 1 or 3

In the end we need to setuo the costs

The costs in this example are estimates and can be changed for the purpose of the exercise.

This costs will not block future actions in the project they will only be used as suggestions

Once it is complete click on Start and the initial scenario will be created.

Creating new scenarios

Click on the initial scenario to load the map

Once in the map you will be able to see the actual coverage, if you see many regions colored in red, it means that there is an important amount of unsatisfied demand

To start exploring the optimization option click on CREATE NEW SCENARIO FROM HERE

In the new scenario Planwise will offer you 3 basic options

  • Create one (new provider). This will allow the user to create a new provider selecting a place in the map.
  • Get suggestions for a new provider. Planwise will calculate the best locations for a new lab to improve screening coverage
  • Get suggestions for improving existing providers. (Based on the unsatisfied demand of each lab Planwise will show the most critical cases and invite the user to Increase the capacity or upgrade the provider (This will not apply to the example, but upgrading a provider assumes that some providers are not able to provide the service, meningitis rapid test, and need an upgrade before having some capacity)

This is the result of the suggestions given by Planwise to increase capacity of an existing provider, by clicking on Increase provider you will be able to add capacity to that lab.

After that the map will recolor based on the new capacity.

Once you've explored all the options a results file can be downloded from the scenario

This csv file will show all the satisfied and unsatisfied demand.

Then this file can be used as Source (punctual demand source) that can be used in another project to calculate for example the demand that each lab has for having confirmation tests