Manage Data in DHIS2

First, you must move your list of laboratories to DHIS2.  To do this: 

  1. If needed, gain access to setup a form in the DHIS2 instance
  2. Create and setup a form for laboratories in DHIS2
  3. Check semantics of data map ok to the new form, from your source (e.g., Ona or some other system) 
  4. Bulk import the data 

Curate Data in DHIS2

Once your data is loaded into DHIS2, keep it up to date over time.  To do this: 

  1. Identify who will help keep your data current, decide on a schedule and expectations for how they will curate data.
  2. Setup a mechanism to learn about data quality issues from the portal or other partners. 
  3. Edit sites over time as they open, close, change.  

Share Data in DHIS2

To share lists of labs, do the following: