Open Data Kit is a free and open-source set of tools which help organizations author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions.

ODK Collect is used to collect the data on a mobile device and send it to an aggregate server such as Ona.  Ona being a mobile data collection tool uses ODK Collect to download already designed surveys and allow submission of the finalized forms back to Ona. For one to be able to use ODK collect, they need to install the application on an Android device.

1. Install ODK Collect onto your device.  Navigate to the Play Store and search for ODK Collect. 

2. The next step is to configure the application to the Ona account. The Url must be given to ODK Collect before you get forms from and submit data to Ona.  In ODK Collect’s Main Menu, press the Menu button on your device (note: the menu button location can vary by device), and select General Settings;

3. Tap on Server.  Under Server Settings tap on URL then enter https://odk.ona.ioas the URL then press OK; Similarly, select Username and enter your Ona username, then select Password and enter your Ona password.

4. Go back to ODK Collect’s Main Menu and click on Get Blank Form;

5. All of the published and active forms from your Ona account will be displayed. Tap on the checkbox next to the form(s) you want to download, then tap on Get Selected to download the form(s) to your device;

5. When complete, you may now start filling in blank forms.