To support partners to easily collect, manage, share and use data on laboratories, ASLM has supported the creation of different tools.  Many of these tools are open source and free to use.  Guides for these tools can be found throughout this ASLM knowledge base.  To learn more, review the different documentation or get in touch with the ASLM team by submitting a ticket, or email:

For digital tools to easily collect data

  • ODK Collect - A tool that is installed on a mobile or tablet device to easily collect data offline
  • Ona - Helps to design forms and collect data from many different devices. 

For keeping data current or curating data over time, as well as sharing data via APIs: 

  • Resource Map - A simple open source mapping tool, where you can keep your list current over time.
  • Ona - Provides both mobile-based data collection and provides some data curation functionality as well. 
  • DHIS2 - A health management information system used in countries around the world.  

For using data in impactful ways: 

  • Planwise - A catchment and service optimization tool, to review who can access your sites & where you can best enhance your network.
  • Public Portals - A customizable and reusable public portal tool exists, so that any partner can brand and set up an open data portal and share their data.
  • Reusable Dashboards - Reusable dashboards have also been created to easily visualize data.