Often times, it is difficult to access data on where laboratories are located and what types of services and infrastructure are available.  ASLM, working with Africa CDC and other partners is seeking to solve this challenge by providing tools and support to capture this data, keep it current and then use this data to improve the quality of healthcare.  The program aims to make it simple and straightforward for countries and partners to collect, find and use this data for improving laboratory quality. 

Why Is It Important?

Here are a few of the key reasons why laboratory mapping is important: 

  • Improve functionality of national and regional laboratory networks by mutualizing existing resources

  • Increase diagnostic testing capacity and surveillance coverage of laboratory networks

  • Prepare for and respond to disease outbreaks

  • Find gaps in coverage or laboratories unable to meet current demand for testing services

Who Should Join

  • Managers and supporters of laboratories 
  • Stakeholders willing to share laboratory inventories and data to inform health intervention
  • Those needing tools for planning laboratory networks and systems