The ASLM LabMaP program is a data heavy project.  While tools have been created to make it simple and straight forward, a dedicated staff person to support the data processes, is key.  Specifically, it will be helpful for a team carrying out the lab mapping to have a proficient data analyst or quantitative researcher in the team. We have identified requirements for this individual, they are divided into 4 categories:

1) Data management:

  • Basic data cleaning and management skills (e.g in excel, search & replace, filter, formulas)

2) Data analysis (the order below is by the frequency of the task)

  • Data quality analysis (use formulas or graphs to find outliers, empty cells, invalid characters, invalid coordinates etc.
  • Experience in reporting (create slides presentation)
  • Experience in creating charts and graphs for display and analysis (at least basic graphs in Excel, pivot tables, SPSS)
  • Ability to elaborate indicators or key performance metrics, and aggregate data to extract statistics, sums, medians, etc.
  • Experience in advanced visual analysis and dashboard tools (e.g. Tableau, power BI)

3) Basic laboratory knowledge

  • Knowledge of biomedical language (understand basic terms & processes - symptoms vs disease, diagnostic, vectors, resistance etc)
  • Can Learn or has Knowledge of AMR diagnostic and test procedures

4) Other technical skills

  • Basic skills for running scripts in R or Python
  • Experience in GIS analysis, spatial analysis (understand latitude/ longitude and precision, shapes and points, KML files)