This document describes how to transform the original SLIPTA checklist (created in Excel with formulas and macros) to xlsform format.  The SLIPTA file was originally password protected, an unprotected version of the file can be downloaded here: link. As the file has many formulas, more than one per row, we need to be  careful when checking the formulas, a good tool to do do that is the "trace precedent" & "trace dependents" functionality in Excel. 

This approach allows the user to see the references of every formula in a friendly, visual way.  The form then will look like this: transform the spreadsheet into an xlsform, it is first required to create each individual field.  Then be sure to document the necessary metadata for each field, per the standard ( Next each of the calculated fields needs to be recreated.  Be careful transferring these calculated fields, they can be challenging to successfully bring over.